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Double pickup power

The S2 builds on the S1’s foundation of premium materials, hardware and meticulous craftsmanship with an additional bridge pickup and tone section. Available in matched or mixed pairs, each pickup configuration can be perfectly tailored to suit your particular playing style or genre. From high gain ceramics through to smooth alnico, we have a vast range of premium and custom shop pickups used by professional artists around the world. Every facet and component has been carefully auditioned to make sure they work in perfect harmony to deliver uncompromised tone and enhanced playability.

A superior guitar, made from superior materials

The S2 is a true made-to-order custom shop instrument. Only the highest grade woods make it through our rigorous selection and grading process. We offer a wide choice of boutique pickups, hardware, neck profiles, and finishes that let you configure something truly unique and complementary to your own playing style. Our standard components include top shelf products from leading companies such as Bare Knuckle, Sperzel and Tonepros.

While each instrument is meticulously handcrafted, we leverage a number of highly sophisticated technologies that put Vance guitars ahead of the rest. Dual, ultra high strength, lightweight graphite fiber reinforcements are integrated into each neck providing remarkable tuning stability and the structural integrity to weather years of abuse. Our skinny nitro finishes are formulated to age gracefully, enhance liveliness and allow the guitar to breath. Our headstocks are strengthened through a thick Madagascar ebony face plate finished with a raw laser etched logo. Many of our behind the scene innovations come from decades of involvement in military and aerospace industries.

Other notable features include:

• Three piece tenon set neck with a 17° high angle headstock and 2.5° neck to body tilt
• Individually selected AAA grade black Gaboon Ebony
• Optional Madagascar Rosewood fingerboard
• Gloss or satin matte nitrocellulose finish. Clears, tints and colours optional
• Locking Sperzel or Tonepros ‘Modern Kluson’ tuners
• Tonepros locking bridges
• Schaller strap locks with dual rear buttons
• C neck profile standard – soft V or hard V profiles optional
• Hand crafted strengthening ‘volute’ at the head to headstock stock joint
• Range of  Bare Knuckle® humbuckers custom finished for Vance in the UK
• Custom fitted, professional quality road/flight case with genuine heavy duty fittings


From $3,190. Price includes roadcase.


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Every Vance guitar ships in a custom
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