Australia’s #1 service facility

We are Australia’s premier repair and maintenance centre. We pride ourselves on treating every guitar with the utmost care and attention to detail. With twenty years of experience and unprecedented access to production machinery, you can rest assured knowing your guitar will be restored to a full factory standard.

Your guitar is in safe hands

We know what we’re doing. Our Principle Repair Technician is a luthier and trained instrument technician holding international qualifications in acoustic analysis and electronics engineering.

There’s (hardly) anything we haven’t seen before

Whether your guitar copped a beating on your last road trip or it just needs a little tune-up, we’re here to help.

Our team specialises in broken headstocks and all manner of neck reconstructions and refinishing. Gibson neck breaks, including full faceplate replacement, brand replacement, serial number preservation and nitrocellulose refinishing, is a part of our specialisation along with CBS Fender neck refurbishment.

We are also a fret crowning and re-fretting specialist with a complete range of frets and full stainless steel fret capability at no additional cost. Our expertise extends to complex fret profiling, such as compound radius and drop-away profiles, which eliminates choking and fretting out for deep bending and heavy soloing in the higher registers. Machine accurate fingerboard truing and re-radiusing services are also available for all refretting and repair procedures.

We conduct full guitar restring and set-up with support for Floyd Rose units and comprehensive knowledge in configuring instruments for drop tuning.

 “Vance Custom Guitars did an amazing refret and setup on my Les Paul. I can’t say enough about just how well it plays now, the stainless steel frets make it so accurate. It’s best it’s ever been.” – Simon from Canberra.

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