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An explosive powerhouse

The Glitterbomb is a collaboration between Vance and Glitoris punk pop guitarist, Samantha Bennett.

The principal requirement was to provide a lightweight guitar designed for women players that wrapped around the body, didn’t dig in and was a comfortable and slick player. However, Sam was adamant that the guitar also had to deliver her trademark cutting attack and huge full range tone along with dialling back for some cooler single coil action.

To achieve this we built this guitar out of premium mahogany and made it 3mm thinner along with having a larger body relief on the back. The neck is a skinny number highly angled to wrap around the body and get the fret board closer to the player. The standard stainless steel frets and premium ebony board make for speed and accuracy all over the neck.

That done, on top of the list right beside performance requirement was the need to look sharp. For this we enlisted the finish technology used on high-end custom car and bike builds. The Glitterbomb is finished with DNA BaZecoatMetallics Flake and diamond hard gloss clear coats for the body and headstock along with jet black ultra slinky Poly for the necks. Glitter is what we got. Finally, “The Bomb” was spec’d with custom made premium luminlay fingerboard inlays and dots to get around in the dark.

Other notable features and options include:

• Standard pickup fits can be custom configured to your choice of pickups and pot values at little or no extra cost.
• Upper bout pickup selector switch position available upon request.
• Custom neck specifications including width, depth, contour, taper, radius and fret size/type are available upon request. Nut slots can be cut to your specific string gauge upon order.
• All DNA BaZecoat Metallic finishes available. Matte diamond coat clear also available.
• All Glitterbombs features dual rear strap pins to allow the player the option of how the guitar body sits and balances across the body. They also double as a ready-made guitar stand.
• Luminlay custom fret board inlays of your design available. Cost determined upon design submission. Luminlay is a professional grade high-density glow material available in green and blue glow colour with clay dot appearance.
• Custom built super lightweight Flight case with toolkit included.


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Every Vance guitar ships in a custom
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